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Day Tour - The Scottish Borders

Abbotsford House - Scottish Borders TourThis day tour takes you on a journey into some of Scotland's most accessible yet distinctive and lesser known lands, the old Border territory. The Borders were in the past an effective buffer zone for national armies, an often unruly area straddling both Scotland and England that over time has seen much political machination and inter-family reiving (robbing) but also a centre of civilisation with its fine historic abbeys and towns. In the Border country we meet: a strong and proud people, shepherding a rich source of storytelling, tradition and custom; the towns, villages and abbeys, each full of character and charm, set to a backdrop of a multi-variously wild and tamed landscape.

On this tour:

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Day Tours from Edinburgh

Day tours from Edinburgh give you the chance to choose from a number of crafted, personalized, private tours for your group of up to six people. Take time out of Edinburgh for a saunter through the countryside and explore some local folklore and history....

The Scottish Borders...

"'The Hawick folk are kent tae say, 'I'd rither be a lamppost in Hawick than the provest o Gala '"

"Aw aye, thair is alsae a wee saying in Jethart (Jedburgh) referring tae twae notorious poachers frae a while back. 'Fishy, fishy wag yer tail, Jock an Geordie are in the jail.'"

from James Spence, Borders' Storyteller

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