Peatland Partnership’s Flows to the Future Project in conjunction with the Royal Botanic Garden will be exhibited during the Edinburgh festival in August.

Below the Blanket, by Cryptic, is sourced from Caithness and Sutherland’s Flow Country – a 40,000-acre expanse of blanket bog peat moorland, dotted with bog pools, important to our climate. It will feature soundscapes of the bog. The Flow Country is the largest expanse of blanket bog in Europe and the best example of its type in the world.

Such cool, wet places form near to the north and south poles over thousands of years and have their own special habitats. Perhaps the most significant plant species in the Flow Country are the sphagnum mosses, which thrive in the cool and wet environment. Because of the acidic and waterlogged ground, they do not fully rot down on dying but form peat, preserving plant material such as spores and storing carbon. This helps reduce the effects of climate change.

Organisations are busy removing forest plantations, blocking drainage ditches dug over the last two hundred or so years, and allowing previous water levels to return. For a more complete report on this please read Murdo MacLeod article May 22 2019 for the Guardian.