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Started in 2003 by Iain Stewart - a graduate in History from UC Berkeley and a post-graduate in Ethnology and Scottish Folklore - Serenity Scotland provides great tour and package experiences through the admixture of culture and nature.

Your unique itinerary is carefully crafted by a knowledgeable and locally connected expert. Our tour guides are adaptable, enriching your travel across the beautiful landscapes of Scotland.

A private ethnographic, insiders view of life in Scotland, start from Edinburgh, Glasgow or elsewhere in the UK. Go where YOU want to go: watch sheep herding in the Scottish Highlands and full-flowing Borders waterfalls in the changing light; visit literary, TV and movie locations, castles, beaches and idyllic islands; eat freshly caught seafood accompanied by some of the world's best whiskies; become a part of our local customs and traditions

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Quality providers on the ground, carefully curating inspirational group tours across Scotland

Traditional Skills and Creative Holidays

Understand more deeply the ways of tradition, cultural techniques and practices